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Hi, I'm Carmen, welcome to Two Blue Mountains!

As a photographer with a huge passion for home decor, I wanted to create a collection of artworks that anyone can print themselves at an affordable price. In my small business I get the help of my husband, Dutch artist Rubins Johannes Spaans.

Our studio is located in the mountains in the Spanish Pyrenees. 

We offer a unique selection of high quality printable wall art.

By doing the things we love we make art affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our artworks are available as printables, downloadable digital files.

All our prints are carefully designed with love and craftmanship.

It is our passion to help you create beautiful art walls and to design the spaces you live and work in with art you love.

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Founder image

We only use natural and recycled products for our designs.

Two Blue Mountains is committed to giving back to our environment as much as we can.

Sustainability is our core priority and we take our responsability to the planet seriously.

We just love beautiful affordable art.

We create high quality, unique artworks and make them accessible everywhere in the world.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our webshop!


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